Normal Life

Sorry for the delay in updating folks! Life in Cape Town as of late has been extremely relaxing. Living as a normal resident here instead of being a tourist has been really refreshing. I know the streets that I am walking and can understand how the community goes about its daily life.

Typically when I am sleeping in a new place, I tend to sleep talk and on the ever so rare occasion sleepwalk. It happened in Iowa and in Madison, but wore off after a couple weeks. The same has been happening here and has only just begun to happen less frequently, showing that I am getting comfortable with my surroundings. Good thing I have my own room right? I keep waking up thinking people from my house are sitting at my desk watching me… kind of creepy, but it never seems to startle me. I will update you on how my sleep talking is going later.

Classes have taken over my daily routine with Principles of Ecology at 11:00am every day except Friday. MWF I have History of South Africa prior to 1900 and a class about African Genocide. The tutorials (discussions) are pretty similar to those in Madison including the awkward silences when no one seems to want to discuss. I have been trying to be involved in discussion to try and make us Madisonians seem like pure academics. Yesterday I was nominated “class representative” in my South African history class. My friend decided that pointing his finger at me when the professor asked who would want to take the roll would be funny, and ha!, now I am Mr. Class Representative. Don’t congratulation me now; I will accept your graces when I return. Seriously though, I have no idea what a class representative does. I imagine I am just a middleman to all queries from students to professors. I did get a round of applause in class though, so maybe people were happy they weren’t in the position because it’s a shitty job…

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I have been playing soccer. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have UCT club soccer for the “social” team up on the university astro fields. It is awesome being able to play on really nice fields. The social club is pretty chill with a practice on Tuesday and friendly fixtures on Thursdays with a braai afterwards. Next week will hopefully be our first match. I didn’t sign up for the club with anyone else, so it has been nice to meet a completely new group of people here that are from all around the world. On Wednesdays we have been playing soccer at a field across from the grocery store with people from the house and our Norwegian and Mexican friends from another house. We usually end up playing 10 vs. 10 without a goalie because local people end up joining the match, especially little kids still in uniform from primary school during the day.

I have made it into the city a couple times in the past week to do some market shopping for trinkets and cool, stereotypical African memorabilia. I recently bought a wooden elephant for my friend Meg Baptie (UW friend who specifically requested a wooden elephant) and a large South African flag that is hanging in my room now. I also haggled a canvas painting from R200 down to R60, which seems pretty cool, I think. The city is so hectic here when we get off the train. Last week we got into the city around 4pm right during rush hour. I felt like I was swimming against a river current trying to leave the train station. There are so many people that rely on public transport to make their way into surrounding suburbs.

This week has been yet another week of Champions League soccer, putting me undoubtedly at a table in Scrumpy Jacks with my fellow soccer hooligans. Go figure! Many thanks to my parents, Betsy, cousin Abi and Bonnie for the wonderful birthday cards and Barcelona soccer ball (Bonnie) that made their way through the realm of African mail service. Bonnie sent the soccer ball literally one month ago and it arrived finally on Tuesday.

Some people in the house brought DVDs with them so I have been snatching a few here and there to watch when I have some time off. I unfortunately started watching the first season of 24 and now I cannot stop watching! It is so good. Also, my housemate Zoe has the Sims 3 on her computer so I copied it and put it on mine, so now instead of wasting time on the internet, which is expensive, I can just live a second life on my computer. Reminds me of Dwight from The Office ☺

Heard some good news from my parents and siblings yesterday: My parents are coming to South Africa on April 24th and staying for two weeks, while my brother Sean and sister-in-law Maxine are coming for a week on the 26th! I cannot WAIT to show them around this wonderful place.

I haven’t been taking many pictures lately, but will have some after this weekend that I can put up on Monday.

Peace, friends.

Some animal just made a creepy noise outside. I think I will shut my window.