Be Back Soon

Just a quick hello before the long weekend. Spring break finished off and school started back up again this week. We have a nice 4 day weekend to get ourselves back into the swing of things (the swing of things = more vacation instead of school). Taryn and I spent a lot of time watching movies and went surfing on Friday last week. It was extremely relaxing!

This weekend, actually in about an hour, I am heading off to Lesotho until next Monday. I am going with some other guys from UW who live around the area. We are tenting and eating over bonfire (I have lots of baked beans, haha). I am really excited to do something outside of Cape Town that doesn’t involve school. I love camping and apparently Lesotho has plenty of it! The country is littered with mountains and streams to allow for a lot of hiking to enjoy nature. There are some pony rides too that you can take up and around mountains. The driving is going to be pretty hectic on the tight mountain curves, but we will be able to handle it! The drive is going to be about 15 hours so we are planning on driving through the night so we can enjoy the country tomorrow. We will see how that works :)

I will have plenty of pictures when I return!

Love you all