Soccer & Birthdays

This week has been pretty hectic with papers being due and getting back exams and other papers. I ended up getting a 0%, yes Z-E-R-O, on my history paper for not putting page numbers on my footnotes. Plagiarism is a huge problem here I guess and every paper requires a plagiarism declaration stating that you have not plagiarized. I have the chance to resubmit the paper on Friday for a re-grade, so hopefully I can get a better grade than zero. Ugh. Sometimes I suppose I miss Madison. Last night was Larken’s birthday so there was a big guacamole party here with a bunch of Mexican food! It was a lot of fun but I don’t think my stomach likes me too much anymore. I was a little full…

I handed in a 17 page research paper for my Ecology class today, too! It was really great feeling getting that thing out of my mind. Hopefully I will do well on that one since the class actually matters for my majors back at home (anything beats a 0% I guess!). Even with homework and getting grades I have been pretty relaxed. It is too nice here to be stressed with great weather and fantastic people.

This coming weekend I have a couple more soccer matches and plan on climbing Table Mountain with some people! I am really excited to finally get up to the top! I have more papers to start tonight and throughout next week since I want to get them done before my parents and Sean and Max get here. It will be nice to have them done and be able to spend some quality time with the family. That’s pretty much my life in Cape Town right now, I will update more later!

Here’s a few photos from Sunday night:


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