Saying Goodbye

Well, the day has come for me to bid farewell to Cape Town. My room is completely bare and all of my stuff is entirely packed into one suitcase and a backpack, crazy! I don’t think they will be overweight either. There’s not much for me to say since I haven’t really done much other than watch world cup games and enjoy being in Observatory.

Thank you everyone for reading my blog, which actually allowed me to remember the stuff that I did here as well. 197 Lower Main Road has been my home away from home and I will miss it dearly. I hope to come back to Cape Town again someday. I also want to continue living in places around the world. Traveling is one thing, but to spend a long time in another city is totally different. To have the craving to just watch a movie instead of going out to the town and finding new things to do really makes the place feel like home.

I am going out to eat for every meal today, since I have to get rid of the leftover rand I have. I plan on eating at Hello Sailor, which is right across the street from us. They have provided me and my roommates with so many delicious meals and good company.

This summer I plan on saving money (ya, right). I want to help my father build the new garage at the cabin for a week or two and get to Madison for at least one weekend before moving in. I am also going to the Boundary Waters with Bonnie, her Dad Randy and stepmom Terri. I cannot wait for all of this to happen, as it should keep my mind off of not being in Cape Town. I am extremely lucky to have so many friends from the house who also go to Madison. I will be able to hang out with them all next year.

I get home on Friday around 4:30pm Central time. I cannot wait to see my family and friends who have been so great with keeping in touch all semester!

Cheers, Cape Town. Until next time,

Love, Sam