January 24, 2015

A crashing ocean appears in front of me. Treacherously beautiful and unsettlingly inviting. Behind me lies a forest enveloped in a warm evening sun. The comfort of the known. Predictability and assurance of peace and rest. Looking forward presents the very absence of rest and an uncontrollable disobedience of the unknown.

I have two choices. I can muscle forward and embrace the raucous pounding of this veritable ocean’s waves and risk everything that I’ve done to get to this point. Or I can turn back into the clear and visible land that represents everything content and certain.

My fists are clenched. One last look behind clears my mind. Shoulder down and eyes closed, I sprint forward prepared for an inescapable, flooded future. I burst into the waves and am consumed by the salty, windswept waters.

I come up for breath. Open my eyes. Before me lies everything. Behind, not but a memory of days past and decisions made. The sound of the ocean is only disorienting when you try to count the waves. I swim forth.

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