For testing the process.env in Next.js and Vercel


beepboop is a simple, daily journal. Jot down your feelings, tally your day, or write a poem. Free, private, and built with love ❤️


Gus connects Google Spreadsheets with Maps. The goal is to allow users to quickly and easily create a new, accessible, and updatable point-based map via simple spreadsheets.


A nice page outlining all of the components of a URI.

Find My Orca

A Node.js & ExpressJS application to help humans reconnect with their ORCA cards in the Seattle & Puget Sound area.

Code for America fellowship project

The Richmond Code for America fellowship focused on healthcare access for people in poverty. During our initial research phase, we heard from patients, case managers, and screening staff that the eligibility screening process at safety-net health services is often a significant barrier to care.


Dropchop is a browser-based GIS powered by Mapbox.js and Turf.js. The need for small-scale GIS operations comes up quite frequently in our work, especially for those without much time. Dropchop aims to empower your spatial data by removing complexity.

Atlas of Design

The Atlas of Design is dedicated to showing off some of the world’s most beautiful and intriguing cartographic design. Every two years, we publish a new volume of full-color maps, selected from worldwide competition and judged by an expert panel.

Maptime Seattle

MaptimeSEA is the Seattle branch of the international Maptime community. Together, we learn and explore mapping technologies through tutorials and other meetups.


The Cascadia chapter of OSGeo is focused on learning and teaching about open data, maps, and spatial applications. We like code and good conversation.

Broad Street Maps

I helped Broad Street Maps create two interactive maps. One looking at the public and private partnerships with USAID around the world, the other exploring water sanitation and security in Tanzania.

Rice Fergus Miller

Designed and built the website for architecture firm Rice Fergus Miller while working at Creative Media Alliance.


The Geographic Information Student Collective (GISC) is an ongoing project focused on the compiling, learning, and teaching of mapping knowledge. The goal is to understand our digital environment, how to set it up, and how to manipulate it with an impossibly huge network of languages, programs, and software.

Hillbarn Theatre

Freelance web design and development project for the Hillbarn Theatre company based in California.

South Africa Blog

My personal blog when studying abroad in Cape Town, South Africa. Fair warning - my writing is awful.