August Update

Our last two months have been busy with demo sessions and user research, including a field trip to the Fairfax County Health Department to learn about the successes and challenges of a similar system they’ve used since 2002. We’re in San Francisco now, coding away on new features and user interface adjustments based on that feedback! Highlights include:

Another new feature allows the user to show or hide form questions that are specific to certain organizations. In this example, the user can show questions from Access Now if she’s referring a patient there, or hide them if they’re not relevant for the current patient.

However, you can imagine how quickly this becomes overwhelming when there are five or ten organizations listed and each has its own questions. We’re also analyzing the differences among the forms and discussing with those organizations whether it’s possible to make the forms more similar while still meeting funding and audit requirements. Here’s how the forms compare:

Questions about household size and structure
Income Sources Requested
Proof of Income documents (by name)

Download the full review: A Comparison of Financial Screening Forms

A side project: Community health workers in Richmond told us that texting is a convenient way for clients to ask them questions, but they don’t use it much because giving out their personal phone numbers would mean receiving large numbers of texts at all hours. As an experiment, we set up a third party web application called FrontApp for one CHW, Shikita. It allows her to send and receive texts on Front’s website instead of her phone. The software also lets her set up auto-replies when she’s out of the office and easily copy-paste answers to common questions. If multiple CHWs are working together, they could give clients a single number and use Front to assign texts to the most appropriate staff member.

We just wrapped up one trip to Richmond and will return the week of Labor Day. Keep in touch!

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